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HD Intensive Brush Kit 3 Pack

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When you want your vehicle showroom or photoshoot ready make sure to bring along the Suds Lab Intensive Brush Kit! These three natural bristle brushes are ultra soft and perfect for getting dirt, dust, grit, and grime out of every crevice of your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or other show vehicle! Quality for professional or home use, these brushes can be used wet or dry, even with your favorite Suds Lab cleaning formula! Easy to wash, dry and reuse, these brushes can help you save some trees (and some money) using fewer disposable cleaning products like wipes and paper towels! Tires to seats to steering wheel and everything in between, with the Suds Lab Intensive Brush Kit no one will be able to find a speck of dirt on your car!

PREMIUM BRUSHES - Three different sizes of premium, natural bristle brushes to tackle any size job! These ultra-soft boar’s hair brushes are ideal for both professional and at-home use.

SCRATCH FREE DESIGN - The metal free construction of these brushes plus long bristles prevents accidental scratch or scuffing of your vehicle.

MULTI-PURPOSE USE - Perfect for tires, exterior emblems, and interior components such as seats, door panels, and dashboard components. Use on your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, and any vehicle you want showroom ready!

WET OR DRY USE - Combine any brush with Suds Lab's cleaning formulas and work onto interior or exterior areas to remove dirt, grease, dust, and more.

CLEAN AND REUSE - Easy to wash and reuse, these brushes can often be used in place of disposable cleaning supplies, saving the trees and your wallet!


Pair It With: N20 Quick Car Detailer

Spray on the N20 to wipe away any tough dirt or grime. Finish with GZ Wipes!