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GZ Crystal-Clear Glass Wipes

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DZ Wipes are the perfect wipes for car owners who want their vehicles to look cleaner, longer while preventing cracking, fading and premature aging on vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces. These wipes renew and revitalize vinyl, rubber and plastic. They also protect against UV rays to maintain rich color. Apply to your car’s interior to add beautiful shine. Wipes will feel slightly dry to the touch. Repeat a circular wiping motion on your car's doors, dash, steering wheel and more until surface is evenly coated. Use additional wipes if necessary. Let surfaces dry before operating your vehicle. Not recommended for glass or painted surfaces.

After long nights of experimentation in our garage-story, (part garage, part laboratory), we boiled car care down to a science. Through trial and error, we have perfected optimal formulas and solvents that break down road contamination at a molecular level, leaving your vehicle clean, protected, and ready for the road ahead. We've done all the research - it's a smooth ride from here.

CONDITION AND PROTECT: DZ Wipes are made from a special formula that will protect your vehicle’s interior, keep your dash looking new, and protect the deep, rich look you love! These wipes will renew and revitalize surfaces while helping to prevent cracking, fading, discoloration, and premature aging caused by UV damage.

EFFECTIVE ON ANY SURFACE: DZ Protective car interior wipes are safe to use on auto interiors such as vinyl, rubber, plastic, and more! Won't dry out, damage or fade automotive surfaces.

LINT-FREE DESIGN: Shields against dust, dirt and lint buildup. These lint-free car protectant wipes are designed to hold onto dust and dirt particles and won't leave a greasy residue on your hands. Wipes come in an easy-to-dispense container and can be thrown away when you’re done for a mess-free finish.

NATURAL MATTE POLISH: DZ Wipes feature a unique blend of premium ingredients that safely leaves behind a natural matte finish without a shiny, greasy residue. Add our disposable interior protective wipes to your car detailing kit supplies, or keep a pack in your dashboard compartment to condition on-the-go!

STREAK-LESS SHINE: These multi purpose interior surface wipes effortlessly polish while leaving behind a non-greasy protected surface.


Wipe glass surfaces clean with GZ wipes from Suds Lab. Wipes will feel slightly dry to the touch. Repeat circular wiping motion until surface is streak-free and spotless. Use additional wipes if necessary. Let surfaces dry before operating your vehicle. Always dispose of wipes in trash. Do not flush.


When using this product, do not get into eyes, If eye contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Stop using wipes if skin irritation begins to occur. Consult a physician if irritations continue for more than 72 hours. If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately, or contact a poison control center. Wipes are not for personal care.




Pair It With: N20 Quick Car Detailer

Spray on the N20 to wipe away any tough dirt or grime. Finish with GZ Wipes!