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The F1 Foam Cannon turns your weekend wash day into a flurry of foam, covering your car in a blanket of grime-stopping soap in a matter of minutes. Installs fast to your pressure washer with no additional tooling needed. Then just fill it up with your favorite Suds.Lab soap, adjust the ratio dial, and fire at will. Break down tough stains, brake dust, and more. You'll never miss a spot again.


- Fill the 32 ounce container with warm water and add 2 to 4 ounces of Suds Lab high foaming car shampoo or our wash and wax shampoo.
- Adjust the foam ratio dial and foam nozzle to the preferred settings.
- Connect to your pressure washer and spray a blizzard of cleaning foam for a safe and thorough wash in a lot less time and effort.
- Suds Lab recommends starting at the top of your vehicle and working your way down, cleaning one section at a time.
- Rinse away dirt + grime by switching the dial to zero soap


Work Area Safety
- Keep work area clean and well lit. Cluttered or dark areas invite accidents.
- Keep children and bystanders away while operating tool. Distractions can cause you to lose control.
- Use caution while walking on wet surfaces.
- Do not operate tools under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
- Operators and other personnel must always wear protection for eyes and ears when in the work area or while operating a pressure washer unit.
- The tool creates reactive forces on spray attachment in a direction opposite to the direction of the spray (recoil or kickback). Hold the spray attachment firmly with both hands in order to control the reactive forces.
- The tool must not be modified.
- Always disconnect the tool from pressure washer prior to adding detergent, making changes to metering tips or repairing.

Pair It With: XP High-Foaming Car Shampoo

Load XP in the cannon to wash away all dirt and grime!